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Pendiş Oral and Dental Polyclinic

We represent the new generation dentistry. The most successfull oral and dental healt in world and Turkey have set out to become a clinical brand. Our primary goal is subscribe to significant transformations in in both of the industry and our patients' life.

We make sure that children, young people, adults and the elderly take care of life with confidence, and allow them to change their world. Because we know how a small change of 1mm in the mouth can turn into a big smile, how a real human being can turn out to be a positive laugh when a person laughs.

Our most important success criterion is the success of our patients in their social and professional lives after our treatments... A new job, a new lover, a long-awaited promotion, a role in the school play!

We come to our business with this mentality, we are sitting with our passion and enthusiasm for our units.

We are so different and we are the changing face of the dental sector. Because we love to touch not only the teeth of our patients, but also their lives.

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