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Maxillofacial Surgery

Buried Teeth

The last teeth of the teeth series usually remain buried. These can be mostly 20-year-old teeth, canine teeth, second incisors, and second minor minorities. It may cause deterioration of the tooth array or may need to be taken when the neighboring tooth has relied on the root to cause problems with that tooth. If you have a tooth that causes this kind of trouble, it should be taken, no matter how old you should not postpone. Sometimes it can be half-buried, and in such cases, both in itself and in neighboring teeth can cause caries to be created, in such cases they should be taken immediately.


It is applied as an adjunctive treatment for teeth that cannot be achieved with pure canal treatment. The aim is to remove the infected area at the root end, both root and bone. In this way, teeth with adequate crown root length ratio is recognized as a chance, teeth can be kept in the mouth.

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