estetik diş hekimliği

Aesthetic Dentistry

The goal of aesthetic dentistry is to create artificial teeth that are compatible with the person's face, in a natural-looking form and pleasure.

Our Treatments:

-Glow design
-Veneer (Laminated filling and porcelain)
-Zirconium chron and bridges
-Inley and onleys (Porcelain filled)
-Gingivectomy (Dental forming)
-Theet Whitening (Bleaching)

Away from naturalness, exaggerated forms and colors of artificial teeth, the first look is immediately noticed by an amateur eye. Therefore, a rigorous preparation and planning phase is required in esthetic dentistry.

Face, smile, profile and oral images are taken from each angle image is obtained.

The aesthetically problematic areas of the teeth and gums on the photographs and models taken from the patient are evaluated by considering the whole face region.

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