lamine diş

Laminated Teeth

It is a prosthetic study performed by gluing the material that is worked in the form of a thin layer of porcelain on the front faces of the teeth after slight etching on the front sides of the teeth. Since porcelain is prepared as a very thin layer, its light transmission and its reflectance are very close to the natural tooth and it provides excellent aesthetics thanks to this feature. One of the most important advantages is that the teeth are not cut too much and if necessary, the tooth is cut to the full extent by means of porcelain.

How long does the treatment last?

•The patient's closure and habits are checked in the first session.
•Required radiological tests are performed.
•Photo analyzes are done.
•The tooth color is decided.
•The image to be obtained after the procedure with the help of composite fillings is shown to the patient.
•No need to perform anesthesia the front faces of the teeth are lightly abraded and measurements are taken.
•Porcelain laminate veneer crowns prepared in the second session are checked on the patient. In this session the patient is called a session more if the color, fit, correction is needed after the shape is checked. If there is no problem, the teeth are glued in the second session and after one week, the patient is called in the third session and the final examinations and corrections are completed.
•This session is a session in which gum compliance is examined.

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